Life Coaching from Bexhill Counselling

Is there something in life that you have always wanted to do, a place you’ve always wanted to visit; a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve? Life coaching is about enabling you to make those things happen.

Life coaching isn’t about going over the past; it’s about focussing on the here and now and putting steps in place to make the future everything you have ever wanted it to be.

In order to sign up for a course of life coaching sessions you must be totally committed to making a change in your life.

Fees for coaching are as follows

Premium Service - £499 – 6 x 60 minute sessions

Gold Plus Service - £399 – 6 x 45 minute sessions

Gold Service - £299 – 6 x 30 minute sessions

Life coaching sessions will usually take place over the phone and you will be expected to complete work between the sessions. All sessions need to be paid for in advance.

To book sessions or to ask any questions contact Sharon on 07828 720283 or at